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Source Turbo Herbal Extractor Bundle

Source Turbo Herbal Extractor Bundle

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Source Turbo Herbal Extractor Bundle

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The Source Turbo from ExtractCraft is the only device on the market that lets you safely, quickly, and effectively perform the evaporation portion of an alcohol extraction.

Food grade alcohol is the safest solvent to use in an at-home botanical extraction because the inevitable residual solvent left in the final product is non-toxic if ingested or smoked. Commercial processes may be capable of removing all trace amounts of solvent from the finished oil, but for producing botanical oils in your own home, without purchasing expensive, complicated equipment, ethanol is the smart choice.

Ethanol also has the advantage of being readily available at a reasonable price and allowing you to make oils of any potency level by varying the length of time you soak your plant material in the alcohol during the initial soak stage. Finally, alcohol extraction allows you to create an oil rich in useful terpenes if the evaporation process is performed at a low temperature.


Once you've soaked your plant material to create a solution of alcohol and plant compounds, you need to perform an evaporation to separate out the alcohol, leaving you with a potent concentrate of the desired plant components.

To safely evaporate flammable ethanol without the Source Turbo, your only option is the incredibly slow method of leaving your alcohol-and-plant solution in an open container and waiting for the alcohol to evaporate naturally over the course of a few days. The ExtractCraft Source Turbo provides a self-contained, closed-loop, heated vacuum chamber that speeds the evaporation process up immensely in normal mode and cuts evaporation time in half again in Turbo mode.

The closed loop allows you to reclaim the alcohol solvent at an efficient rate of over 90% recollection, saving you both time and money, and the vacuum container restricts the evaporation of flammable pungent fumes so the evaporation process is safe and discreet.

Source Turbo includes altitude-specific tuning so you can adjust for your location and still get excellently potent finished product. Remove the guesswork of evaporation by monitoring the entire process through this extractor's all-glass container body.

Terpene Collection

The Source Turbo maintains the evaporation process at about 100F, so that the terpenes collected from your plant material won't be broken down or evaporated. Terpenes not only add rich aromas and flavor notes to plant oils, but the terpenes of many plants have desirable anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties when ingested. The Source Turbo is the only time efficient way to complete an extraction that retains essential terpenes from the comfort of your home.

App Connectivity

Download the Source App to connect your Source Turbo to a BLE-capable Bluetooth device. You will receive information on the temperature and vacuum of your evaporation as well as notifications about the amount of time remaining until you can enjoy your finished product.


  • Closed-loop vacuum chamber
  • Fast evaporation for alcohol extractions
  • Eliminates pungent, flammable ethanol fumes
  • Over 90% solvent recollection
  • Maintains low temperature
  • Altitude-specific settings
  • Clear glass vacuum chamber
  • Connects to Source App
  • Compact body
What's Included:
  • The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft Botanical Extractor
  • User Manual
    **iPhone pictured not included.