Herbal Chef Electric Infuser Bundle

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Herbal Chef Electric Infuser Bundle

What's Included with the Bundle:

  • Herbal Chef Electric Butter Maker
  • Medium Silicone Non Stick Mat
  • 4-Piece Aluminum Sharpstone Grinder
  • Versa-Tools Squeeze and Pour Spatula

This Herbal Chef Electric Infuser works with up to 5 Cups of butter, oil, or tincture base for potent infusions! Now with less time, waste & mess than traditional DIY methods, this easy-to-use tool creates butter, oil, and tincture infusions in as little as 10 minutes! Features include easy-to-clean design, digital readout, push-button controls, and preset infusion modes for butter, oil and tincture (manual override for customer settings). Limited 1 year warranty.

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