Dabix Labs Aluminum 4-Piece Grinder 2"

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Dabix Labs Aluminum 4-Piece Grinder 2"

Presenting the new line of premium Dabix Labs Grinders! This precision milled premium aircraft aluminum 4-piece grinder not only looks great but functions beautifully. The simple 4 piece design makes it easy to use, and the pollen trap collects your pollen in the bottom reservoir. The super sharp, well designed teeth offer a perfect grind, every time – and the powerful magnets keep the lid on tight to prevent the grinder from opening, ensuring your herbs stay fresh and odor free!

This simple design is not only efficient, but also durable! With proper care this grinder will last forever! Available in multiple sizes and colors to suit your personality, you will love the new Dabix Labs grinders!


  • Made from Premium Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Precisely Machined for a Perfect Grind
  • Super Sharp Teeth for Optimal Grind – Won’t Rip or Shred your Herbs!
  • Powerful Magnets Keep the Lid in Place
  • Available in an Assortment of Sizes and Colors


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