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Free Shipping on all orders in the USA!

Dabix Labs 510 Thread Buttonless Vaporizer Battery Bundle

Dabix Labs 510 Thread Buttonless Vaporizer Battery Bundle

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Dabix Labs 510 Thread Buttonless Vaporizer Battery Bundle

What's included in bundle:

  • 1x Dabix 510 Thread Buttonless Battery (Choose Color)
  • 1x Dabix Labs Zippered Carry Case
  • 1x Dabix Labs Rapid USB Charger

This Dabix Labs 510 Thread Buttonless 280mAh 3.7v Auto draw battery is the ideal battery for your 510 threaded pre-filled wax oil cartridges. Its simple and discreet design makes it perfect for on-the-go use. The industry standard 510 thread means it will work with most pre-filled or fill your own cartridges. Since there's no button pressing necessary, it is a simple and convenient way to vape your oils. It's simple to use, just charge it up with the included USB Charger, connect your cartridge and inhale the pure, flavorful vapor!

Sleek Design: The Dabix Labs Auto Draw 510 Thread Buttonless Vaporizer Pen Battery has a simple and sleek design making it great to use anywhere. The slim, light weight build is ideal to carry around for discreet vaping sessions. It will fit perfectly in your pocket or handbag and fits comfortably in the hand.

Everything You Need: The convenience of industry standard 510 threading and buttonless design makes this battery a simple to use vape. It includes a USB charger for easy charging, simply plug it into any USB port on a computer or a USB wall charger. The stylus tip makes a convenient way to use your touch screen devices as well. When paired with the lifetime warranty, the Dabix Labs 510 Thread Buttonless Vaporizer Battery is one of the best buttonless battery options on the market.

Features: Convenient Standby Mode: The battery remains in stand by mode when not in use.

Stylus: The rubber tip of the battery functions as a stylus for electronic touch screen devices.

LED Light Indicator: An LED located at the bottom of the battery will glow red when you take a puff.

Automatic Power-Off Function: The battery will turn off after inhaling for 8 seconds. The power will resume automatically during the next puff.

Low Battery Indicator: The LED will flash 10 times when the battery is low.

Easy Charging Process: The LED will glow red while charging. The USB charger LED will turn green when the battery is fully charged.