4-Piece Aluminum Torque Grinder - 2.4"

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4-Piece Aluminum Torque Grinder - 2.4"

The Dabix Labs 4-Piece Aluminum Torque Grinder is a top quality machined grinder that offers a consistent, fluffy grind every time! Made from Aerospace grade aluminum, the 100% CNC machined pieces sit together perfectly for a smooth experience. It is very simple to twist, and the razor sharp teeth shred your herbs easily. A nylon ring separates the metal pieces, which helps prevent any residue build up and prevents sticking.

Powerful neodymium magnets inside of the grinder secure the lid to prevent accidental opening or spillage. The rounded base bottom offers an easier way to gather and collect the fine pollen that falls through the screen. This beautiful grinder is sure to provide you with consistently shredded herbs that will be perfect for your needs!

As with all of our products, the Dabix Labs 4-Piece Aluminum Torque Grinder includes our standard Lifetime Warranty!

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