4-Piece Aluminum Diamond Ridge Grinder - 2.4"

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4-Piece Aluminum Diamond Ridge Grinder - 2.4"

Designed to be one of the easiest to use grinders on the market, the Dabix Labs 4-Piece Aluminum Diamond Ridge Grinder combines a modern design and excellent functionality. If you want a grinder that looks as great as it works, this is the one for you! 100% CNC Machined from Aerospace grade aluminum, the Diamond Ridge Grinders sharp diamond shaped teeth offer the perfect, consistent grind every time. 

The external design of the grinder is machined to make gripping and turning it as simple as possible, and the quality build means that this is a very sturdy and durable grinder. The pollen screen sifts out the finest pollen and collects it in the bottom of the grinder, and the included guitar pick style scraper makes it easy to gather. This high quality herb grinder is sure to provide the perfect grind for a lifetime!

As with all of our products, the Dabix Labs Aluminum Diamond Ridge Grinder includes our standard Lifetime Warranty!

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