QCell Quartz Cartridge 5 Pack

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QCell Quartz Cartridge 5 Pack

The QCell heating coil is the first coil of its kind. The fritted quartz coil expands the quartz surface area to completely cover the heating element which allows direct contact with quartz to have the best vaping experience.

The QCell quartz heating coils absorbs the concentrate or oil at an even temperature, allows for multiple hits and leaves no wastage. Once the quartz coil is heated and used, flavor will stay present but not burn. It was made in mind for every kind of connoisseur.


  • Pure taste, big vapor, high absorption
  • Minimizes waste, maximized flavor
  • 510 Industry Standard Threading
  • 1.2 mm air hole intake
  • Includes 5 Cartridges
  • Available in 1ml and .5ml
  • Quartz Coil


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