510 Thread Variable Voltage Twist Battery Kit

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510 Thread Variable Voltage Twist Battery Kit

For those looking for a powerful variable voltage battery, this 350mAh Battery comes with a Twist! Unlike most variable voltage batteries on the market, the Dabix Labs 510 Thread Twist Battery offers users the ability to hone in specifically on their preferred setting for optimal use. While most VV Batteries have a couple of presets, the Twist includes a rotary dial on the bottom of the battery so you can set your voltage anywhere between 2v-4v with a quick turn of the dial!

Ease of Use

As with most of our batteries, the Twist is very easy to use! 5 Rapid clicks of the button will turn the battery on or off, and a simple turn of the dial on the bottom will allow users to set their preferred voltage to match their needs. Once you’ve set your voltage, just hold down the button and inhale, it’s that easy! For those thicker oils and concentrates, a 15 second preheat can be activated with two rapid clicks of the button, and can be cancelled early with a single click.

The Dabix Labs Twist Battery comes included with a USB charger, as well as a convenient clam shell case to keep it safe and looking great! This battery is perfect for those that are new to vapes, as well as those with experience as you can truly dial in your voltage for that perfect session!

Please note this listing is for the 510 Thread Twist Vape Battery only, any atomizers/cartridges do not come included with this device and will need to be purchased separately.

As with all of our batteries, the Dabix Labs 510 Thread Variable Voltage Twist Battery Kit includes our standard Lifetime Warranty!

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